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   §47 forskudd    §12, 3-5%   
 NS 8405     NS 8406     NS 8407     NS 8415     NS 8416     NS 8417   

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Accessory guarantee
On-demand guarantee
Standby LC
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Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees URDG 758,ICC Publication No. 758
International Standby Practices ISP98, ICC Publication No. 590
Other (subject to Nordea's approval)
Law and Jurisdiction
Law and Jurisdiction to be applied if not Finnish (Subject to Nordea's approval)    
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In accordance with prior guarantee number
In accordance with attached draft guarantee text
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In case the Guarantee shall be in respect of an agreement or obligation in relation to construction
After submission the Guarantee is secondary covering the contractor's and the nominated subconstructor's liabilites (RT 80271)
The Guarantee covers also additional and adjustment works

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